Mobile home «Sunrise»

The first thing that catches the eye when we see «Sunrise» mobile home - are enlarged front windows, which provide high-quality daylight indoors, and with stunning views to the outside. This static caravan will please You not only with its lovely exterior and interior, but with the sunsets and landscapes.

This model will please its buyer exquisite design, elaborate interiors with elegant upholstered furniture and fixtures. All equipment is of the highest quality materials - very high-end of the time-tested producers.

Some of the materials and fabrics mobile home «Sunrise» can be selected individually according to the taste and the whims of the buyer. So this mobile masterpiece able to satisfy the desires of even the most demanding and selective seeker of comfort and coziness.

Mobile home «Sunrise» can help save Your money in the construction of a permanent home or give an unforgettable feeling of freedom in the all-consuming nature without constant reference to one specific place. Look at the world with new eyes, enjoy its beauty, having at hand a decent comfortable place to rest and stay!