what do we offer?

The list of our services includes a whole range of services that you can use both at the purchase of your mobile home, and during its further use. Of course, in addition to production and sales, we provide full technical and informational support Mobile homes.

Indeed, mobile homes - static caravans - a thing, yet rare in the Ukrainian market. Not everyone can understand the transport, loading and unloading, the preparation for use or, if necessary, repaired. For us, enterprise Trident Caravans - all of the above is accumulated experience and specialization of activities. Who can know the caravan better than his maker?

Moreover, we recommend that our service is as ignorance of the technical equipment and buildings mobile home can lead to poor its qualities when, for example, self-transportation, in which, Trident Caravans provides complete documentation and physical support of all, which is associated with the transportation of our homes.

Our Services

  • Manufacturing

    One of the first in Ukraine, we started our own production of high-quality mobile homes. With extensive experience in construction work in the UK and guided only by their own ideas, we manufacture unique designs of houses.

  • Sales of mobile homes

    Now you have the opportunity to enjoy a completely new mobile home domestic production. In production we use the most quality materials and technology. This ensures a high quality of mobile homes that we offer.

  • Transportation

    When you purchase our mobile homes, we offer its transportation. Of course, the client takes this opportunity on their own, but we We recommend it for our services. Transportation of mobile homes also can be ordered at the time of its operation.

  • Setting

    Together with the sale and transportation of mobile homes we offer to install it at the place of destination and the residual preparing to use: Connect to the mains, sewage disposal, etc. If necessary, we will spend the landscape design of your site for mobile home.

  • Maintenance

    During operation, if necessary, our company will help you in the technical support of mobile homes, its correct use, carriage to another parking lot, preventing your home on wheels.