frequently asked questions about mobile homes

In this section, your attention is invited to the list of the most frequent questions that arise from our guests regarding mobile homes. We have tried to answer all your questions. If you wish to ask a question, you can go to a page with a special mail form or simply send us an e-mail to Also, we will be happy to answer your questions at the numbers listed on the Contacts page.

Questions about mobile homes

What is a "static caravan"? Operation of mobile homes.

Static caravans - are mobile, mobile homes, which are ideal for both permanent and temporary (such as a vacation) family residence or holiday. They are typically installed in one place for a long period, but they retain the desired ability to move. On our site we will use different terminology to describe these homes, as in Ukraine, these concepts have not yet taken root. However, the closest to us will always remain the terms - "static caravan" (in the traditional English sense of the word) and "mobile home".

So, a mobile home, usually within should be fully equipped with high quality upholstered furniture, fixtures, appliances and equipment, and have a ready-made, high-quality interior. Each model includes a bathroom, the number of bedrooms, according to the size of the house, kitchen and large living room to relax.

Outside, each caravan model is unique, and its attractive. Exterior is made to give a mobile home appeal and originality. Since mobile home installation and operation does not disturb the landscape, it can be installed anywhere, whether it's summer cottage or beach, lake, forest areas, or lands, limited environmental legislation.

When setting the house you do not need permission from the authorities, a variety of coordination and passage of other bureaucratic procedures. All that is needed, the company offers to the buyer. The caravan is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable and ready to use.

How to use the mobile home?

Direct appointment of a caravan - a holiday, temporary or permanent residence. It all depends on the goals that the home owner pursues. Mobile mobile home is designed primarily to ensure a comfortable stay of people at rest.

However, in different countries caravans have a very wide application. For example, in the UK, in addition to rest, they are also widely used to provide temporary housing builders. In particular, if the construction site is located below the village.

Also, a broad national development was the culture Zagorodnikh caravan parks, which occupy the lion's share was static caravans.

So, let's sharp the line. Mobile homes are used as:

  • house for permanent residence
  • holiday house
  • house for a construction crew
  • home for holidays or family holidays
  • mobile home campsite, camping and recreation centers
  • cafe on wheels

Purchase finished caravan or order mobile home?.

The company Trident Caravans is always ready to offer you already made, new homes, along with the mobile home manufacturer directly to you.

Each option has the following co-operation, the most obvious pros and cons:

  • Buying a mobile home ready, you free yourself from having to wait for your static caravan.
  • When ordering the production of the mobile home, you make your adjustments and suggestions to the interior and exterior of your mobile home.
  • When ordering, payment for the future of the caravan made 4 payments over the base period of manufacturing mobile home in accordance with the agreed timetable.

Terms of manufacturing mobile homes.

Term production of mobile homes is from 80 to 90 days. In the event that you are not interested in the production of our mobile homes during this limited period of time, due to various, including seasonal reasons, but want us to start production soon, as, for example, we offer specific promotional suggestions, you can always be sure that at the end of the manufacturing process at home, and before you feel comfortable the moment you, with our support, will be ready to begin the process of delivery of a mobile home, it may be stored to be on our protected the territory under our careful attention and responsibility.

Transporting mobile home

Despite the fact that mobile homes retain their ability to move, they are more static than a mobile housing as a trailer caravan (camper) or motorhome.

Moving static caravan should be accompanied by qualified representatives of our company, having the necessary experience and knowledge. And this, of course, relieve you of unnecessary worries and experiences, caused by the transport of your mobile home, and make the whole procedure less labor and chasoemkoy.

Terms of exploitation mobile home

Never tell anyone forget that nothing is eternal (without high matters). For a long-lasting life of your home must be peredvidnogo its proper use. For our part, we will provide you with all the necessary instructions for use of the caravan, the requirements for the annual maintenance of the status of some of its parts (quite netrudoёmkaya problem).

Thus, with proper and related to the care and use of your caravan, its durability can be confident more than 20 years. All along the way, ranging from the purchase of motor homes, the company Caravan Luxe will be your loyal assistant in matters related to your use of our mobile home.

Static caravan in winter

One of the most important aspects of the operation of a mobile home is its ability to ensure your comfort in winter, as well as to guarantee the safety of all communications in sub-zero temperatures.

To achieve this goal, we use the highest quality insulation in the form of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS), mineral wool and other insulating materials. To ensure reliable operation of the water system of the mobile home, we use a special automatic system that ensures resistance to the effects of frost tubes.

The cost of our mobile homes

Enterprise Trident Caravans is doing everything possible to keep the maximum available value of our mobile homes. In a situation of unstable foreign exchange market and, at the same time, our partial dependence on imported components, we carry out balancing the costs directly related to the exchange rate, and cost less sensitive to it, in order to provide a real, not an inflated price for our products.

We also reject the practice of value in USD.